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chevrolet parts

Beitrag von Amado       22.09.2002   21:11
Does somone know a good address where I can find parts for a chevrolet caprice direct from the US?? thanx you all.

Antwort von Dr.Pepper       23.09.2002   12:24
You find Chevrolet-parts by: www.summitracing.com

Antwort von Joerg       05.10.2002   14:22
Dear Amado

What kind of parts you are looking for? Engine parts, chassis, interior or tune-up parts? Summit Racing is excellent for motor parts. It also depends what kind of Chevy it is.

Many regards
President USCC

Antwort von Iroc-Z       22.10.2002   19:21
I guess www.pawinc.com would be a good choice.

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